strategy consulting


We advise different organizations (Retail, Small businesses, Franchises, Government) on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. We advise at the highest-level of your company to resolve even the lowest level complexities in customer acquisition, marketing, advertising, and customer loyalty.  Our seasoned and veteran consultants work across every industry, with private and public sector bodies on a wide range of issues.

Are you a nationwide brand trying to give a local market a unique customer experience?  Trying to seamlessly integrate your online strategy to your brick-and-mortar experiences?  Need to understand Data Analytics for your Marketing events?  Penetrate a new city?  Small business trying to create new digital customers and users, compared to your shrinking walk-in traffic?   We assist you to seek the worthwhile course of action, how much money it will save your company, how much it will cost, and even how to manage this customer loyalty and any losses in the process.

Why do our clients use our strategy consultants?

"Why don't our clients' organisations just take care of these questions themselves?".

Our clients bring us into the important decisions that are vital to the future of their company, to make sure every angle is considered. Our consultants devote themselves entirely to the question at hand, while executives are normally busy with the actual running of the company. We offer deep expertise in the matching particular industry or subject, such as market positioning or restructuring.

This is why we are flexible and capable to work with Fortune 50-500 companies, government agencies, non profits and small business owners alike.

How do we stay ahead?

We constantly monitor trends and data from hundreds of sources and use these to stay abreast of new cultures, practices and consumer behaviors in different regions of the country and the world.   

Seminars, webinars and our annual conference event THE PULSE, are ways we bring together leaders of different industries to educate, collaborate and engage company owners and managers, towards the future of digitizing business, localizing offerings and intelligently using modern technology to better the company and serve our world.


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advertising 3.0

GEO TARGETING         Zip codes, DMAs, or 1 to 500 mile radius – we have more ideas and power plays than you can imagine to help you achieve the best digital marketing results. The ZEND commitment to quality and service makes for happy clients. With years of experience across cutting edge digital products, and a deep understanding of targeting, the ZEND team is ready to help you implement the right geotargeting strategy to meet your goals.

PROGRAMMATIC          Know who you want to reach? Know where on a map you want to reach them? Our data experts will help you target them effectively. ZEND's expert operations team will work with you to create the right balance of targeted demographics and premium behavioral overlays with the most cost effective CPM to meet your marketing objectives and budget.

LOCAL LISTINGS          Make sure your company is represented in the over 200+ locations online where listing, location and review information gets posted. With excellent back end reporting – you won’t miss an online review or a wrong listing again, we make it easy to stay current and increase your SEO.

REMARKETING             As simple as it is, many companies are not maximizing this easy to implement strategy. As part of a programmatic and contextual digital campaign, retargeting will help you increase your CTR (click through rate) and see higher repeat visitors, as prospects and customers become more engaged with your brand.



An infusion of (Artificial Intelligence + Advertising/Rewards/Monitoring) that learns, reasons and deploys itself to work better for your organization and brand

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supporting services



Build a new website.  Enhance your current website.  Digitize a process into your website.  Our technology team can handle and support all of the above like we have done for over 200 clients.



RUB, SPIN, SHAKE your mobile device to reveal our intelligent adverts. Create intelligent engaging adverts and send to mobile phones of target audiences, then let the advert cost-effectively bring you leads and customers



Need to begin or pivot your ecommerce operation? Our 3 proven ecommerce and mcommerce strategies have brought 200% YTY growth for retail clients, large and small.  Our consultants also integrate ecommerce to your brick and mortar franchise or charity fundraising strategies seamlessly.



A department in our company manages the full service staffing, planning, design, experiential infusion, technology integration, media coverage, event analytics monitoring, attendee data mining and LIVE digital experience of events large and small



Monitor the entire internet - news websites, blog website comments, all social networks' comments, video website comments, posts or tweets.   Access mention insights of your company or brand. Find potential influencers, customers interested in your offering & sales leads - Grow, Manage and Monitor your brand online 



We plan and create memorable connections between companies and their audiences, through out-of-the-box uniquely customized, digital and social impact campaigns.  Then track the online and offline analytics to clearly understand the results of the created experiential campaigns.